Why not make CAD a career?

Why not make CAD a career?

CAD as a Career

Each one of us are dependent on computers in one way or other in our daily life. CAD offers a variety of advanced features that not only help us design an object model in computer, but also helps us have a full virtual experience of the product even before it's processed. CAD has been so advanced that it is being used in many areas where there is requirement for a model like in architecture, designing interior layout, mechanics and many other designing fields. This type of software has the high chances of being much more developed in the near future in order to give us more advanced experience and make our work lot more lesser.

CAD helps the enterprises to create a full picture of the product right from design to production and modelling the same. There are certain prototypes which may also be helpful in making a clear picture. Choosing CAD as a career might be exciting if one is interested in drawing and designing and drafting. It involves the process of drawings, blueprints, plans, and other design documents.

The development of CAD was earlier useful only in making engineering tools but, today each and every industry from medical to military makes use of CAD. An aspirant having a CAD degree might be able to become a drafter, designer or animator. CAD is equally important in animation as it is useful in interior designing. CAD also comes with a two year certificate program which will help in the entry of the career.

The following are the positions that will be available to you once the study is over.


Drafting is one of the important field in CAD. Drafters by taking the information provided from engineers and technicians, produce a visual picture of the product to be made. These may include each and everything from small tool to huge vehicles. Drafting may mainly include certain areas such as Architectural, Mechanical, Electronics and civil constructional. CAD is helpful in broad areas in our daily life.

Drafters are however considered to be below a CAD designer.



Designers can make a product more perfectly than a drafter as the drafters are considered to be more generalistic while the designers are familiar with the standards and requirements of a particular field. Designers often work individually while drafters always work in groups. Designers often work in the fields of architecture, engineering, fashion designing, industrial designing and also to design games.



CAD managers have deep understanding of CAD tools such as AutoCAD and microstation. No matter how small or big the company is, CAD managers always play a vital role. They check if the designing are being made properly and assist the designers in correcting if something goes wrong.