Hello Everyone!, Here are 10 tips for starting a woodworking business
  1. Just get started!
    There's no perfect time, Next year you'll be one year older, and the future is largely unknown. Continuing to think about starting your own business and waiting for the perfect time is pointless as there's no better time than to start today. Realize that it's an ongoing journey and you're bound to make mistakes but that's going to happen when you start your own business.
    There is no shortage to the experiences that will teach you valuable lessons so the sooner you get started on those lessons the better it long run.
  2. Start Where You Are
    There's a lot that goes on in setting up a business from the planning perspective, and you can do all of that from wherever you are. So, don't make the mistake of leasing a commercial shop and considering that your top priority unless you've already established yourself.
    There's lots that needs to be done ahead of actually manufacturing products so your top priority should be planning for that, finding prospects and closing deals.
  3. Use the skills you already have
    That's how you're able to succeed! It just makes good business sense since you're not being pushed beyond your current level of capacity or skill level. And if you're worried about not having enough skill to go it alone consider that there is a market that's willing to pay for your level of skills you just need to find it
  4. Choose Projects Wisely
    Choose simple and easy woodcraft's to make in the beginning, Ones that do not require investment in expensive tools, nor require a lot of wood and raw materials. Small and popular wood projects can be made in large numbers and sold with ease for a high profit.
    Remember to scale up things as soon as you can, once you start seeing your business working out and making a profit.
  5. Be Connected to The Internet
    Take full advantage of the online opportunities available to you to build a simple website that promotes what you do. Create seller accounts on top sites like ‘eBay’ and ‘Etsy’ even on Mega Market as like ‘Amazon’ and ‘Flipkart’ where you can sell products that can be easily shipped anywhere. The online world represents a huge advantage if you use it well.
  6. Build Local Alliances
    Make a list of potential local vendors you could partner with, or contractors you could supply with custom woodworking. Also make a list of potential suppliers; same thing with interior designers and architects. It's also a good idea to identify your target market geographically as this will tell you where to focus your marketing efforts both online and offline
  7. Market Yourself
    Spread the word any way you can.
    When you meet people give them your business card, tell them a little about what you do. Let them know you'd be happy to help them with their future needs.
    Write a few press releases and send them out to local media outlets. Post them online with a link to your website. Press releases are a great way to build the Reputation and Recognition of a local business website. Try an advertisement in the local newspaper with a strong offer, since that's the most important element of advertising.
    There are lots of things you can do it just means getting out there and doing them.
  8. Offer your Best Deal
    Give customers a discount on additional work.
    Let's say your customer wants a new kitchen and has accepted your price. Terrific! Now offer them a new bathroom cabinet at 15% off if they give you the order now, they benefit by the instant discount and you benefit by adding the volume of the sale.
    Most customers will appreciate the discount and the opportunity to renovate two major rooms in one shot. And of course, by increasing the value of the transaction you'll make more money in the end - so it's a win-win
  9. Connect with your customers
    The most cost-effective way to do so is with your own email
    Selling is all about relationships. Work hard to deliver quality workmanship, then stay in touch with customers
  10. Ask for Referrals
    Happy customers want to show off their new purchases whether it's an original cutting board or a built-in library or bar. Some of the people they've spoken to may want similar things or totally different things crafted out of wood. It's a perfect opportunity for you to remind your happy customers that you're more than willing to provide the same kind of thing for their friends.