Hello Everyone! Many times people want to get into woodworking but don't really know where to start from well, I'm here to help you guys with few tips & tricks which i got my experience of over 15 years in this industry I'm making a lot of small stuff various home decor items I don't make a lot of big things. In this blog I'm going to tell you what if I go back in time what first tools I would invest in on a budget to start my business.

1.Set Square
You going to need a bevel of some kind to transfer the dimension and markings on the surface, I personally prefer a sliding bevel just because it's a lot more versatile and you can transfer the dimension and also angle at the same time on the working surface with it.

2. Circular saw
A woodworker may choose to employ a circular saw for the same reasons that carpenters and building contractors have used them for years: they are powerful, portable, able to be set up to rip & crosscut it's a little inconvenient at times but it does a lot of different jobs. sooner or later you're going to need to cut some curves or something of that nature then you need jigsaw as well which is vital to the workshop.

3. Clamps
Clamps are a woodworker’s best friend you always need an extra set of hands so here they are I use these things all the time in my little projects these are of great value. You're going to use clamps all the time so it's important that you get some heavy-duty ones and also some small handy ones.

4. Drill Set
Drills are also extremely important you're going to need at least one an impact driver you also need a drill bit kit with a bunch of different sized drill, probably a spade bit kit where you can make some larger holes also a measure tape without fail.

5. Hand Router
Speaking of versatility the router is probably the most versatile tool of them all you can cut perfect circles make dados can create all kinds of edge profiles, you can also substitute it in the place of a planer or jointer.

6. Sander
Out of all sander orbital sander is probably the most commonly used sander you can do heavy sanding, finishing giving a smooth touch surface to your product. Sanding it is a great tool to have if you think woodworking is fun and you really want to get into.

7. Table Saw
Definitely recommend a table saw possibly a portable one. I would recommend at DeWalt portable table saw just because I like their fence that is an extremely versatile tool you can use it for tons and tons of stuff this is probably the most used tool in my workshop. A miter saw is also pretty crucial to the workshop but it's also a luxury you can do this stuff on a table saw also with circular saw but miter saw can handle like eight foot 12 foot lumber much easier if you're trying to cross cut it so that's the best tool

Apart from this all whenever you buy a new product always make sure you read the reviews and see what people are saying about it. I hope you guys learn something thinking about getting into woodworking. Wish You a Good luck!